ParaconceptualSusan Hiller

Just sideways of conceptualism and
neighboring the paranormal


Installation view – Courtesy of The Lisson Gallery New York

Susan Hiller: Paraconceptual, at the Lisson Gallery New York, includes a selection of work from over four decades of Susan Hiller career focusing on themes to which she has often returned, encapsulated in the title ‘Paraconceptual,’ which sites her work “just sideways of conceptualism and neighboring the paranormal.” Using a method she describes as “a kind of archaeological investigation, uncovering something to make a different kind of sense of it”, the artist explores the fluid interrelation between the rational and the irrational. Her work is often dialectical, placing contradictions within a creative synthesis, preferring to focus our attention on the liminal areas in between the deadlock of incompatible meanings. The exhibition also includes First Aid: Homage to Joseph Beuys (1969–2017), a display of first-aid cabinets containing miniature phials filled with water taken from holy wells and streams, which references both Beuys’s ability to endow ordinary materials with sacred values and the potential healing power of art. On view until 10 June 2017, here for more information.