• On left: Anna, Paris 2015 © Paolo Roversi
    On right: Natalia, Studio 9 rue Paul Fort, Paris, November 23rd 2003 © Paolo Roversi
  • Studio, Paris 2002 © Paolo Roversi
  • On left: Eva, Studio rue des Martyrs, Paris, April 6th 2002 © Paolo Roversi
    On right: Gemma, New York 2004 © Paolo Roversi
  • On left: Molly, Paris 2015 © Paolo Roversi
    On right: Freja, At Mme Simon, Raincy, January 25th 2008 © Paolo Roversi

Paolo Roversi Storie

Photo Vogue Festival

The show is an exploration of the different facets
of his work, from the intimist to the glamourous

Photo Vogue Festival returns to Milan from 16 to 19 November with its second edition. The Festival is based around two main venues: the first at Palazzo Reale focuses on works of Paolo Roversi, the maestro of fashion photography renowned for his attention to light and his use of large-format polaroids (gallery); the second one at BASE Milano presents two important exhibitions “Fashion & Politics in Vogue Italia” and “PhotoVogue/Visions“. “Fashion & Politics in Vogue Italia” is about the magazine’s tradition as a vehicle for fashion as statement, an approach that continues under Emanuele Farneti’s editorship, with the recent cover on the kiss, and the latest issue dedicated to over-60s. Meanwhile, “PhotoVogue/Visions”, is the result of a scouting project among 18 candidates presented on the Vogue.it photography platform, which aims to valorise excellence in photography by promoting talents who over the years have earned major recognition worldwide and shot editorial pieces for top magazines.