• Paola Antonelli in Giada at MoMA, New York.
  • Paola Antonelli in Giada at MoMA, New York.
  • Paola Antonelli in Giada at MoMA, New York.

Paola Antonelli

In conversation with Patricia Urquiola

The Curator talks about her last exhibition at Triennale Milano
and her next project about Neri Oxman.


I’m sick of doing exhibitions on technology, I wanted to do an exhibition that explains how to have a restorative attitude towards the world in several ways, recycling of course, but also using a biodegradable pregnancy test, so to speak. There are so many ways to do it.

PU We could talk about this show for hours! It is very important that your message arrives, and this grand opening at the Triennale was indeed a valid tool. And I thought….perhaps a time will come to open your own museum, a place where you can project and tell yourself?
PA From a certain point of view I would love it! On the other hand, I think maybe it would be a sort of constraint. You know, every job has its own dif culties, not everything is easily obtained, in many occasion you’ll have to ght, as I did for Broken Nature. It’s a bit like the Coriolis Force, when something is forced upon you there’s more energy. I had to come up with many different ways of being a curator, like the project about design and violence which was exclusively online, my program of public saloons for MoMA R&D. Truth is, if I had a museum of my own I could do the same but museums also have a practical side, which is to nd investments, build the structure and maybe it’s better to work alongside institutions that are already existing!
PU I believe the concept of uidity works perfectly on you. I’m
also thinking about your lessons on Knotty Objects at the
Mit Media Lab. I was intrigued by the four objects, Bric, Telephone, Steak and Bit- coin, which represent our times and are linked to a multitude of meanings. In this regard, I was in Chicago a few months ago at the Virgil Abloh exhibition and there was a platform composed only by sneakers: I’ve realized how objects are able to tell a lot about our time. Do you continue to take these lessons and make them yours?
PAPublic programs are good opportunities to talk about important topics, for example my saloons for MoMA R&D, I love them because it’s like curating an exhibition once a month. I have dealt with many themes: death, the white male, plastic and I nd that they are all very interesting dialogues. My next show which will open in February is on Neri Oxman, my Muse since forever, which has always inspired me and made me talk about the relationship between science and design.


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