Optimistic And CoolCoach 1941

MUSE When you took over the Creative Direction of Coach in September 2013, what was the state of the brand at that moment and what did you see as fundamental challenges for the American House?
SV I guess the interview process is fondamental because you get to listen and hear what the CEO had in his mind, and have a connection with the team. One of the most important thing to me when I met with Victor Luis (CEO) was the desire to change, the desire to introduce a ready-to-wear collection. I wanted Coach to became a fashion brand rather than a leather good house.
MUSE How the interior design of Milan new store stays true to Coach heritage and roots? Tell me more about your collaboration with designer William Sofield.
SV I worked with William since I joyned Coach. Initially we were talking about this change we wanted to make, and sometimes is difficult to talk about this just in words, but I wanted him on board since the really start for few reasons: he has an amazing taste level; my istinct told me we can easily get on together; I really like that he was based in NY, in the city where Coach is from. We started working on references together and looked into what is Coach point of view. The materials we used for the shop were quite honest, we used pine, we exposed out the construction instead of cover it, we wanted it to be authentic. We did also referenced some old traditional NY coach houses that was actually a starting inspiration point, like the bricks floor. But the big thing is to be authentic and honest, don’t be afraid to show how things are put together and contrasting them with some luxurious fornitures that brings a fresh prospective.
MUSE What is the Craftmanship Bar?
SV As Coach is America House of leather, the idea was to personalize our leather good pieces that seems very natural. I always thought that the Coach girl and the Coach guy ideally like the personalization, to make something individal, this is an important part to build the character, so I thought we need to have a more classic personalization with names initials. We also have really fun, playfull symbols like the Coach dinosaurus, a shark or a unicorn.
MUSE Store openings are part of the American leather-goods label’ yearlong global celebration for its 75th Anniversary. What the next chapter will be?
SV In America the brand is really recognizable, young people can easily referenced the brand to their parents or granparents, or a graduation gift for example, it is also well known in Asia but it isn’t in Europe and to me is exciting. Europe to me is a new proposition.
MUSE Describe Coach 1941 in a word.
SV Cool.
MUSE And one for yourself?
SV Optimistic.