ON AIRCarte Blanche to Tomás Saraceno

His major works together
at Palais de Tokyo


Palais de Tokyo invites Tomás Saraceno to take over the entirety of the 13,000 m2 of its exhibition spaces in Autumn 2018. The Carte Blanche entitled ON AIR is his largest project to date, bringing a selection of his major works together with ambitious new productions that transform Palais de Tokyo into a uniquely sensory experience.

No objects, only interrelated energies whose activity we can barely perceive. The work of Tomás Saraceno expresses the flow of the world, the invisible and permanent action of the matter of the universe. It is born from an attention paid to the constant motions of the cosmos or a microcosmos. It constructs poetic means so as to extend our capacities for perception, making our minds more open to a minuscule presence: particles, cosmic dust, furtive lives that whisper in infinity. Baroque art and architecture represented, in the swellings of their materials and their bent geometries, the strengths of nature in action. While Zen gardens are observatories of the micro-events in the world: some moss, a leaf, or a moist gleam are the tiny results of galactic motions.

Spider webs are not just an animal’s productions, but also the deployment of the spider’s body and perceptive system. The collaboration between spiders and Tomás Saraceno expresses his ambition and symbolises the role of art whose effects extend our field of awareness. As Marcel Duchamp said: “Spider web as an example of the ‘natural’ isolation of a carcass (pseudo-geometric) of infrathin.”
This infrathin describes the tenuous events in reality, the imperceptible shifts between phenomena. Tomás Saraceno’s work draws us towards this precise attention in a poetic way, while rounding off a statement by Goethe: “The Beautiful is a manifestation of secret laws of nature, which, without its presence, would never have been revealed.”