Ode to natureThe free spirit of Stella

Stella McCartney draws inspiration from
the powerful forces of women and nature.


Stella McCartney‘s SS20 Collection  is inspired by  the strong women of the past, present and future, who are not afraid to conquer the world. Free spirits, wild hearts, artists and women ready to take their own risks. Real people, with a determined character, who are not afraid of shining. Natural beauty meets modernity, fluidity joins graphics and eccentricity blends with simplicity. The structures are built and broken, to express the inner strength and duality of the modern woman. The circular symbols are the driving force, unexpectedly revealed behind fluid silhouettes, which communicate life, energy and femininity. The palette of classic and graphic colors such as black and white, natural colors and Oxford blue is enriched by soft shades of lemon yellow, flame orange and ginger. The revisitation of the classic dress takes us back to Stella’s first Savile Row tailoring, created to be dissonant and personalized. Japanese recycled polyester fabric adds a new dimension: subtle clarity and shine shine with modernity. The pants skirts, have folds, cuts and pockets, which create the illusion of open pants. The embroidery gives a feeling of artistic and eccentricity, ranging from petal-shaped edges that protrude from the sinuous coats, to a wonderfully complex vintage dress with natural cotton lace.

Bold lines evolve from graphics to light, as in contrasting lines sewn into sustainable knitwear, or with a more delicate approach, in veiled organic cotton shirts, and the fabrics of the dresses are interrupted by strips of lace, to show the skin with confidence. The striped suits for men and women wink at the artistic hand-stitched fabrics. Floral prints are personal memories of Stella, photos taken during bike rides in the English countryside. Give liveliness to fluid dresses in crepe de chine enriched with colored stitching, or recreated through decorative botanical stitching.