• Manifesto Nineties.


Vanessa Friedman and Valerie Steele

What about Nineties? A special conversation
about those years.


Fashion was kind of crazy and all over the place in the 90s when you think about Lee McQueen starting his own brand and John Galliano starting his own brand and then going bankrupt, and then coming back and sleeping on his rich friend’s couches and that was considered normal. – Vanessa friedman

VS Why do you think this 90s resurgence now?
VF I think that is just sort of what happens. I just got a pitch from somebody all about the return of the early 2000s. We are just going so, so fast. The truth is, I don’t even know if it’s a 90s resurgence. It’s more like an everything resurgence. I mean the 70s were on the runway, the 80s were on the runway, the 60s were on the runway.
VS It’s very much too, that different designers will gravitate towards different decades repeatedly.
VF Especially as younger generations come up and are clearly fascinated by what they missed or what formed their very young adolescence. And the 90s is about right for that.
VS Yes. Flashing back for a minute because the British Royals are in the news so much these days, Princess Diana, was also a big gure in 90s fashion. Why do you think her in uence was so big then?
VF She was a very good manipulator of the media. I think she understood that. She embraced fashion and she embraced international fashion and the fashion establishment, in a way that previous royals had not, so much. She was very pretty, and you know royals don’t come around that much. So before Diana there was only really the Queen.


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