Mumbling MudImmersive installations by Katharina Grosse

Mumbling: an intermediate state between speaking and silence. Mud: an intermediate state between the solid and the liquid.

K11 Art Foundation (KAF) and chi K11 art museum present Mumbling Mud, an impressive 1,500 sqm exhibition by internationally acclaimed German artist Katharina Grosse, featuring five site-related, immersive installations.

“A painting can land anywhere: on an egg, in the crook of the arm, along a train platform, in snow and ice, or on the beach.”  Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse is known for her use of the spray gun as her primary painting tool to create vast site-related paintings. She has passed strongly coloured swaths of paint across the walls of exhibition rooms, her own bed, a public billboard, an entire house and its surroundings, and different kinds of arranged objects such as piles of soil and tree trunks.

Using the spray gun, she has been able to liberate the application of paint from its immediate connection to both the painter’s body and any predetermined surface. With colour she traverses the established borders of objects and architectural settings and creates a dissensual order of reality. Ultimately, Grosse’s painting practice not only reworks the divisions that cut across the visible world and are responsible for its familiar shape, but also the fundamental division between the visible and the invisible. Disregarding established functions, attributions, and hierarchies, her works function as prototypes that prefigure options to organise our lives in novel ways.
Mumbling Mud offers the Chinese audience new interpretations of Grosse’s iconic artistic practice.

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