Moving, beingIssey Miyake's theatre of gestures

Satoshi Kondo ‘s debuts as womenswear
designer was an encyclopedia of gestuality.


This season marks the debut of Satoshi Kondo as the new Womenswear Creative Director.
The bold hand-painted prints are inspired by an image of people embracing under a clear sky, becoming a one of the key elements of the collection.
A panorama opens up and vibrant colors emerge. The fabric is treated to give a consistency similar to linen, it is water repellent and made with hollow core yarns to create lightness and comfort.  This series presents a Dobby fabric made with an extremely fine yarn. The honeycomb weave gives the nylon an airy structure. The garments are made starting from the principle of “A piece of Cloth” (a piece of fabric), with the use of the entire piece of fabric and minimal cuts and stitching. This pleated series bounces slightly following the wearer’s movement, thanks to the application of two different pleating techniques.Remembering the movement of a parasol, this colorful pleated series gives the feeling of dancing and turning. The fabric is folded by hand and designed to allow clothes to open and close with movement.