MOSCHINO GAME SHOWThe Consumerism for Jeremy Scott

A collection that makes you feel like you’ve won
the jackpot of your life.


This season Jeremy Scott presents the sparkling Moschino Game Show. You always win, the fun is assured and no one will leave empty-handed.

“It’s a daring and colourful escape from monotony, waiting for you on time at the end of each day. It’s no coincidence that the prize games are loved by millions of viewers around the world. They’re many and different, just like the audience at home.” says the presenter of the evening.

The daily routine is just a state of mind. The clothes, sweatshirts, jewelery items and prints inspired by the packaging of domestic products. From cleaning detergents to cereal packaging, with handcrafted panels and sequin and crystal decorations. They make you feel like you’ve won the jackpot of your life. The more casual days prefer different denim interpretations. Elegant shapes reveal a range of beautiful dresses, in fabrics ranging from gold to embroidered silk organza to starbust sequins for those who are willing to bet everything and everything. It’s a collection of big dreams, spectacular patterns, dazzling lights and special prizes, perfect for the next evenings at the Met.
Everyone wins at Moschino’s Game Show. There are brightly coloured silk jersey dresses, fabulously cut and draped, enriched with jewel necklaces and precious cut-out effects, suitable for both morning TV quizzes and evening extravagance.
Slot machine prints, denim and leather with gold dollar symbols, dresses with coin printing. The gold and platinum jackets and biker skirts are edged with crystal chandeliers cut to perfection. You could leave with a (fake) fur that’s long up to the floor, complete with a (fake) fox. Do you stop or double? And for a little bit more luck, we recruited the Good Luck Trolls on a series of dresses and (fake) furs decorated with playing boards.