• Jerry Hall, courtesy of Danziger Gallery
  • Jerry Hall and Adele Lutz, courtesy of Danziger Gallery
  • Pat Cleveland and Jerry Hall, courtesy of Danziger Gallery
  • Pat Cleveland, 1975, courtesy of Danziger Gallery

Jerry Hall

Antonio Lopez

When the illustrator transformed his women
in his world with a Kodak.

  Danziger Gallery presents the photographic estate of Antonio Lopez. The foremost fashion illustrator of the 1970s and 80s, Antonio was and remains one of the most highly regarded and influential figures in the fashion world. While not initially known as a photographer, Antonio was rarely without his favorite Instamatic camera, and as his career progressed he turned increasingly to photography to create fashion stories, portraits, and elaborate mise-en-scènes.
This exhibition – the first to focus exclusively on Antonio’s photographs – features a selection of the unique Instamatic prints from the 1970s that were his photographic form. Developed and printed by Kodak, these prints were either mounted by Antonio or stored in the original yellow Kodak envelopes that the film was processed and delivered in. As Antonio never sent the negatives back for re-printing each print is unique.