MILAN ART WEEKA Contemporary Overview

A selection of openings and exhibitions
during the Milan Art Week.

Milan Art Week celebrates many events dedicated to art showing a variety of artists, works that turn the attention to culture. Here an highlight overview on opening exhibitions and events from 3rd until 7th April, which captivated us for their unique visions.

miart 2019
International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, from 5th to 7th April

Art has the power to transform even the most humble aspects of reality because artists look at it with care, and when as spectators we make this gesture of attention our own, then perhaps we become more aware spectators, and able to affect reality ourselves. – Alessandro Rabottini, the Artistic Director of miart 2019.
‘Abbi cara ogni cosa’ that means ‘Take care of everythings’ is not the title of miart nor its theme, but the story of a fair, in fact, is not an exhibition but the epitome of the diversity and complexity of the art market in all its forms. The international vocation and the openness to inclusion and diversity.

Fondazione Prada
Whether Line on view from Saturday 6th April

Commissioned by the Fondazione Prada, the large multimedia installation by Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin is the first result of a creative process and it often refers to the human body to provide process through which the two artists explore the concept of a “new” Promised Land and the instability of territorial appropriations. The exhibition is an immersive intervention in which visitors are free to move between buildings that simultaneously suggest action and containment, an active state of limbo. Sound and visual echoes of nature and everyday life are combined with distortions of familiar spaces such as amusement parks, farms and fortifications, expanding the narrative content of the film.
The work explores the desire to escape and the pervasiveness of systems and technologies that interconnect us.

Pirelli Hangar Bicocca
Remains Sheela Gowda from 4th April to 15th September

“Remains” Curated by Lucia Aspesi, is the first major solo show of works by Sheela Gowda. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover more than twenty years of Gowda’s production, in addition to new works, the show includes a wide selection of site-specific installations and sculptures. The exhibition attempts to highlight both Gowda’s poetic and her political practices, grounded on a thoughtful and perceptive view of the world, accompanied by an awareness of the symbolic and communicative value of matter, objects and their remains.

Fondazione Nicolò Trussardi
A Friend on view from 2nd to 14th April

A huge installation concived for the two toll booths of Porta Venezia. A Friend by the Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama and curated by Massimiliano Gioni is created on the occasion of the Milan Art Week, coordinated by the City of Milan, and it will remain visible for the entire duration of the Design Week. On an urban scale, Mahama’s Juta installation tells the story of migration, globalization, the movement of goods and people across borders and nations. A temporary show capable of confronting the past and the present of Milan.