Memento Mori"I like things that seem like something but are not." - A. Michele

When a cemetery becomes a
fascinating promenade.

  “Alyscamps is a Roman cemetery but it’s also not a cemetery, it was a promenade, it became a walk in the 1700; it is hybridized, it does not look like a cemetery because it is and it isn’t. I like things that seem like something but are not. “ Alessandro Michele

Gucci Cruise 19 tells a dreamlike story among playful fires and black atmosphere. Gucci’s Memento Mori glows in the dark and it is the object of an incredible performance. The collection exhibits a lot of gold motifs and symbols as the Ouroboros, the snake which swallows its own tail. The widows carry bouquets as accessories and the brides flow with their romantic dresses.