MARNI’S ARMYToward a a sustainable future

Risso’s signature confirms his distinctive trait
with a brilliant SS 2020 collection.


  Francesco Risso’s eclectic style is always a step ahead and captures a world in progress in a collection that evolves in a new, increasingly inclusive way.

A roof made out of a net of bottles symbolises the garbage invasion in our still resistant Mother Earth; recovered from the sea and the woods, they will be recycled and made in time for the next September, when the women’s collection will be on show. The ceiling’s installation dialogues with the garbage-made hats, a creation of the artist Shalva Nikvashvili and with the silver brooches made by Japanese artist Kazuma Nagai, who wanted to represent the extinct animals or their genetic transformations. The garments see stylistic virtuosities breaking into the graphic formality of the suits, while trousers and jackets resemble a patchwork of fabrics; the camouflage jackets manifest the radical rebellion that leads to the start of a revolutionary journey, the military mood is everywhere but interpreted with a sophisticated vibe. Polos with a teddy bear logo and college knits had a childish, innocent attitude, which is Risso’s signature. The Marni man confirms his brilliant distinctive trait, celebrating the union between two souls and their respective wardrobes.