Consider the leaves on a tree branch. By what rules are they arranged? The sun rises in the east and moves daily to set at nightfall in the west, so how it is that the tree can fix its leaves to receive the best exposure to light? The trees we see before us will answer these questions. As children grow up they are taught that thinking entails the answering of questions, but isn’t it really the other way around? Life has continued over 3 billion years because it has confronted, then solved the problems that it has been presented with. What we have in front of us, I believe, are the answers to questions once posed. It is as if we see the lists of answers in school books, and then ask what are the questions that gave rise to them. I hope from now on you will consider insects in such a frame of mind.” said Takeshi Yoro.

Designers, architects, structural engineers and artist exhibit work inspired by insects. “Some have used their tiny skeletal systems to produce artificial objects, others have studied the skillful way they fold their wings and applied this to robots, others again have learned from the structure of larva nest how to generate human architecture. Astonishing ingenuity is found in every aspects of insects, from mouths and eyes to legs. We also found the interesting rules that lie behind the way we named insects through the relationships with them. The exhibition offers creators and visitors an opportunity to learn from insects and to reconsider their relationships with us.” said Taku Satoh.

July 19 – November 4th, 2019
21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery
Midtown Garden, Tokyo Midtown