Muse portrait

Photography Nadine Fraczkowski
Fashion Ali & Aniko

“We live in very dynamic times. Just as we speak, there is a cultural revolution going on in front of our eyes. “

FC It’s -5° here. I am in Warsaw, dining with this dream woman…I had never visited Warsaw before, this was my very first time and I have to admit I was positively surprised. You actually moved from Paris and you are now living here, right? What do you think about this city?
MB I think it’s a fantastic, modern, European city with a lot of tragic history. Warsaw was completely destroyed during World War II and this is why it has such an “eclectic” look these days…
Hard to compete with Paris or Rome. But it has been through a lot and has so much character! Here we have the Old Town (renaissance architecture meticulously recreated by Warsaw’s people just after the war), over there a bunch of enormous and pompous stalinist buildings, some cool modernist architecture from the sixties and finally a ton of mistakes and eye sores from the days of early capitalism…how charmingly incoherent!


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