• On left: The Liquor Bank, 2019.
    On right: What If We Owned?, 2012.
  • Lauren Halsey, Los Angeles.
  • On left: Slo But We Sho (Dedicated To The Black Owned
    Beauty Supply Association), 2019.
    On right: ma foreva thang, 2019.
    Courtesy of David Kordansky Gallery.

Listening to the Neighborhood

Lauren Halsey

Interview Hans Ulrich Obrist
Photography Season of the Czar


When I moved to New York for the Studio Museum residency program, I’d open my window and watch people transforming their myths surrounding these fantasies of origin in ancient Egypt into objects and architectures. It was beautiful.

HUO Hi Lauren, I am glad to meet you again!
LH Hi Hans, me too.
HUO So, I know you are working on a new art space project. Is it going to be different from what you did at Mark Bradford’s Art + Practice space?
LH Yes, it will be totally different. There will be some of everything; karate, tutoring, ACT and SAT testing preparation, coding, dance, music, workshops for printmaking, drawing, fiber arts and textiles… A super experimental free space for kids and young adults.
HUO And it is going to have a name?
LH Yes, summaeverythang.
HUO And will it just evolve organically, by the day, or there will be a kind of plan for this space?
LH Yes, at the moment I’ve been figuring out schematic designs and renderings; how to create a space of multiple modular that can break down and come back together to accommodate diverse programs. Kids are in school all day so it will be open in the afternoon and evening during the week and all day on weekends.
That is very interesting, because, you know, I always think that opening hours of art institutions are wrong, because they open during the day when kids are at school and adults work, and then they close at 6:00 pm and people don’t have time… Which is also why spaces are typically empty during the day, you know, when I go to galleries they’re all empty, even during weekdays, they’re empty. So you’ll do the opposite.
LH Total opposite.
HUO And are you going to have teams or collaborators for this project, summaeverythang?
LH I’m inviting missionary organizations and neighborhood leaders from all over to host workshops and transcendent programs and activities. Jon Gray from Ghetto Gastro came over last night.


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