Like the rhinosUrs Fischer

An accumulation, a collective gathering of
physical and metaphorical things.


Urs Fischer, Things, 2017 (detail)


  “Art has always been a word for this thing that can’t be rationalized, when you see or hear something that you struggle to explain. But that’s its strength, of course. “ – Urs Fischer

Gagosian New York presents Things by Urs Fischer. The exhibition considers the ways that objects and forces—from plastic bottles and Wi-Fi signals to memories, history, and emotion—gather around and pass through our bodies as we move through the world, creating countless versions of reality that are specific to each of us.Amid the bustle of midtown Manhattan, a rhinoceros can be glimpsed through tall, arched windows at street level. Various man-made objects—including a copy machine, a car door, a handbag, a vacuum cleaner, a shovel, and a table—seem to float right through the creature, as if released from Earth’s gravitational pull. Carved out of aluminum, this barrage of incongruous items forms a single, continuous unit, anchored by the rhinoceros, which stands its ground.

Produced at life size from a 3D scan of a taxidermy animal, its furrowed visage looms from a height of more than ten feet.Like the rhinoceros, we absorb all that comes into our vicinity, and in the process we ourselves undergo a constant, often undetectable metamorphosis. Existence itself is thus presented as an accumulation, a collective gathering of physical and metaphorical baggage.