It’s all about fragments, reorganized
around an expressive intensity able to take elsewhere.


Leo de Berardinis and Perla Peragallo have been the most passionate and transgressive, the most decadent and irregular dioscuri of the Italian experimental theatre. Their “Theatre of Contradiction” has been a place of permanent dissent. A space where they suggested radical alternatives to society and to artlang of their times. Their idea of theatre actually dares the established immobility, conformism and power. An anarchist and libertarian eye, wide open to the stream of life. In this frame, the assemblage of heterogeneous and decontextualized materials unleashes new reverberations and meanings. A theatre of contaminations, allegedly irrational and unstructured, that produces epiphanies and detonations.

As always, it’s all about fragments reorganized around an expressive intensity able to take elsewhere, to suggest “the unique appearance of a distance” (W. Benjamin), to evoke new possibilities of sense. In this visionary tension the poetic aura translates into political project. The theatrical feeling as a frontier of the possible.