Latenight SummerDior Homme ss18

The freedom of innocence prevails, in a midsummer mood
that marks the penultimate fusion of sport and suit


  On the occasion of his 10year anniversary at Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche revels in the craftsmanship of the house atelier. Deconstruction and reconstruction, suit, volumes and logomania. Black tailor blazer, long summer coat, sleeveless gilet, polos and shirts. Varsity elements are mixed with the elegance of the tailoring and gothic jewellery. Monochrome ribbon joins the atelier logo, drawn from the oil paintings of Francois Bard, hooded figures, portrait and dark orchids. Vermillion, burgundy camel and blue sky palette. Contemporary, modern and innovative: it’s a new generation where tailoring will never be over.