Labs New Artist IIBy Jimmi Moffat and Red Hook Labs

An exploration of contemporary aesthetics through the
works of 25 emerging international photographers.


In Italy for the first time, one of the most important events of this year’s Photo Vogue Festival: Jimmy Moffat’s Red Hook Labs are at BASE from 15 to 18 November thanks to a collaboration with @guccibeauty and bringing with its “Labs New Artists II”, an exhibition exploring contemporary cultural aesthetics through the works of twenty-five emerging international photographers.
A group of photographers hailing from all over the world, currently without gallery or agency representation, by a jury of leading fashion and photography professionals: this is Labs New Artists II. An unprecedented selected kind of exhibition, providing emerging artists with an opportunity – first in New York, then in Oslo and now in Milan – to show their pieces to the general public, industry professionals and collectors.
The exhibition features more than eighty visionary pieces created through experimentation with fresh aesthetic techniques in the photographic medium, leading the public through a process of provocative image making.

Learn more about the exhibition “Labs New Artist II” at BASE Milan
November 15, 2018 – November 18, 2018
Curated by Jimmy Moffat and Red Hook Labs in collaboration with @guccibeauty