KIM JONESThe man and the myth, Dior Men

Interview Fabio Crovi Photography Brett Loyd and
Joost Vandebrug and styled by Tara St Hill.

It is a new chapter the one Kim Jones started at Dior Men with his debut collection presented back in June 2018. A celebration of the now, a surrounding spectacle of energy, color and youth. Keeping elegance at the core he created a modern idiom where feminine identity meets masculine codes and Haute Couture savoir-faire fuses with a street-relaxed twist coming from his 90’s background.
Kim Jones gives voice to an authentic discourse going back to the very beginnings of Dior: Monsieur Dior. “The man, and the myth.” Looking at who he was, how he lived and what he loved, Jones embraced the essence of what he later developed. It is exploring Dior’s family archive on a personal level that he found things he could intimately relate to as the shared love for nature and art, which then mould his vibrant interpretation of the House heritage. Through an organic process Kim Jones not only created a new look inspired from both the natural world and the nature of Dior itself, but a new menswear outlook.
FC How do you feel about your new role as Creative Director of Dior Men?

KJ For me it’s an amazing thing. I loved my time at Louis Vuitton, but Christian Dior is a Couture House, with an atelier – it’s the dream!

FC Right, a Couture House with such an incredible history! What does Dior represent to you and how have you approached its heritage?

KJ Dior is the best of the best. Simple as that. The whole archive and its heritage is incredible and the respect for it is so great. It inspired me to keep building the legacy.

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