Jessica ForeverFuturistic romance and brutality

Directors Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel presented
their new movie set in a dystopian future.

  Directors Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vine, together with actress Aomi Muyock, presented their latest movie Jessica Forever.

The movie is set in a dystopian universe in which a group of boys with a violent past let themselves be guided and protected by a mysterious woman, Jessica, determined to build an impossible dimension of peace, harmony and love. The main character, played by Aomi Muyock, is described by the directors-screenwriters as “a magician, a goddess, a warrior, a sister, a pacifist queen, an angel descended from the heavens”. Due to a meticoulous digital image editing and the use of special effects, the ordinary turns into extraordinary, the familiar into unfamiliar. The poetic language spoken by Jessica Forever characters “is both lyrical and barbaric” and contributes to define the immaturity, the anger and the innocence of those who do not recognize adults’ rules and are afraid of indefinite and oppressive present and future.

The latest work by Poggi and Vinel has been positively acclaimed by French and international critics for the solidity of staging and the audacity to face from an unusual point of view a reflection on enigmatic forms of violence and love. Jessica Forever is an in-depth analysis of an aesthetic research which – taking inspiration from extra-cinematographic sources such as hardcore metal music, video games, mangas and social networks, brings together brutality and romanticism, childlike dreams and desires of rebellion, paramilitary fantasies and existential escapes.

The movie is being screened at the foundation’s Cinema on Saturday 13, 20, 27 July within “Indagine” section, which brings together first releases and films that have not been distributed in Italy. The screenings on 20 and 27 July will be anticipated by Poggi and Vinel’s short films.