You Say You Want a Revolution?Records and Rebels 1966 -1970

How to envision a better tomorrow,
10 September – 26 February, 2017


The exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum, introduces the key events that begun to challenge the conservative society of the early 1960s, exploring the revolution that marked youth identity in 1966. That was the period Time magazine dubbed London “The Swinging City”, reflecting its sensational rise as a cultural centre. This exhibition spans across the decades and explores clubs, counterculture, forms of experimentation, alternative lifestyles, drugs, psychedelia, the occult, underground literature, and pirate radio. An intense decade marked not only by the vibrant cultural scene, but also by the revolution on the street, showing how youth solidarity crossed causes and continents into politics. You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970 is a total immersion into the 1960s: from Woodstock festival to sexual liberation, to the introduction of the first ever computer mouse. It asks visitors to reflect on how the ideals of that period have shaped today—and encourages to rediscover an imaginative optimism in order to envision a new and better tomorrow.