Vanessa BeecroftPio Pico, Los Angeles

The artist creates a personal and
oneiric interpretation of female bodies


left: vb.ceramic 041 © Vanessa Beecroft, 2017.
right: untitled (red body) ceramic 2017 dimensions vary © Vanessa Beecroft, 2017.


Now, I have realized a vision for a beautiful large space where my friends can work with me in creating important, large-scale exhibitions.” – Federico Spadoni, founder of Pio Pico

Known mostly for the iconic assemblages of groups of women, for Pio Pico’s inaugural exhibition from 2nd December 2017 to 2nd March 2018, Vanessa Beecroft has been returning to the origins of her classical training, re-entering the studio and approaching the most traditional materials such as clay and plaster, and by utilizing drawing, painting and incisions as her mediums. Beecroft presents a new body of work, fruit of a production that spanned over a period of almost two years, between Los Angeles and Guadalajara MX.
Founded by Federico Spadoni in Los Angeles, Pio Pico is the realization of a dream to make shows in a space that provides artists the intellectual freedom offered by smaller museums and the economic independence of a commercial art gallery, inviting collectors and critics to appreciate and buy art that can defy time.