NAILS BY MEIGenius meets technical skills

Mei is bringing Nail Art to the next level.
Immerse into her highly inspiring world.



Mei has rocked the season with her unique approach to nail art, from the 3D nails Victorian and Kawaii inspired she created for the Marc Jacobs SS20 show to the rich, nude with soft stilettos shape of Kaia at Tom Ford, Mei is bringing manicure to the next level.

TELL US HOW YOU GOT STARTED IN NAIL ART? When I was 18 years old, I wanted to make art on my body somehow, and Nails turned out to be the right direction to explore. Nails are very easy to change every week or month according to my mood, and I think it’s perfect for me! Nails have never been only “manicure” to me. I have always conceived them as a form of art.

WHAT WAS YOUR INSPIRATION FOR “CLUB ’90” PHOTO SHOOT? Punk, graffiti spray, tribal paint, transparent neon, white ombré…etc. Nothing like just gorgeous, more playful, and express young badass energy.

WHO IS YOUR ALL TIME FAVORITE NAIL MUSES? 2000’s Japanese gal and Kyabajo, old movie actress.