A trip to the bookstoreThe quiet library of Chanel

For her Haute Couture debut, Virginie Viard
brought us on a trip to a library made in Chanel.

   Virginie Viard‘s first Haute Couture Collection met all the expectations. Presented in Paris within the peculiar location of a library made in Chanel, the show unraveled like a familiar and gentle trip to the local library. The set design is a clear homage to the late Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld who loved and owned thousands of books.

The Chanel woman is smart, calm and self confident; she favours “slippers, loafer or pumps with a bow tie that reinvent the two-tone geometry of the house. Little glasses on chains give her the look of a young woman eager for culture, poetry and novels”. The symbols clearly referring to the genuine and pure conception of style that Coco Chanel had and that Karl Lagerfeld kept developing further; the Chanel jackets, without collar and well structured, created by Coco are revisited by Viard but without removing from the garments the splendor of the past. In the outfits we definitely notice a clear reference to the aestethic’s heritage of the Maison; elegant and refined suits, tweed, suit, black and white, precious buttons, embroidery and camellias: there is space for the whole of the Chanel universe but there are also moments of fluorescent peaks, like the orange garment worn by Kaia Gerber. The skilful mastery of the new creative director is combined with the belief that Chanel has always been faithful to, which keeps its solid place in the fashion Olympus.