A conversation with
Anja Rubik
The IRO Woman

photography by Collier Schorr
written by Maddalena Iodice

Hi Anja, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our Q&A. We feel like this collaboration with Iro is such a great event, and we would like to discover something more about it and the way you expressed yourself through this collection.

MUSE This season you embody the Iro’s contemporary woman, but you have also created an exclusive capsule collection for the brand. How did it start?

AR I like Iro’s style and connect with their vision of a cool hip modern woman. I thought it would be great to put my spin on things. I knew their products from shooting the clothes for editorial and eventually ended up in their store. After meeting with Arik and Laurent, I really loved their energy and like most of my projects, it felt right and I always trust my intuition. We spoke about the vision of the brand and what I could bring on board. They were really open to all my ideas.

MUSE The latest issue of 25 Magazine is all about the impact of five senses and features great creative collaborations from Jr to Araki, Ben Gorham, Daniel Arsham and Woodkid. Do you think that your experience as Editor-in-Chief gave you useful skills in the way you faced this project with Arik and Laurent?

AR Working on 25 has been incredible. Issue 04 is a special interactive issue celebrating the power and the impact of the five senses and the creativity that comes from the stimulation of our senses.

We approached different artists and spoke to them about how they create and how they’re inspired by the five senses. The issue is very sensual. We play with different textures of paper, gloss and matte, there’s even a bookmark by Ben Gorham of Byredo that you have to scratch and smell; page by page we really want to awaken your senses. I like to take on projects where I know I can grow and use my experience of years in the industry and working with the best people. So in one way or another I think all of my experiences and other projects influence and feed off of each other. I really enjoyed the process of working on this collection with the Iro team… I learned a lot along the way and would love to do more in the future.

MUSE Have you brought something which comes from your travel experiences to Iro Parisian roots?

AR The collection is mainly black and white with a touch of navy and bottle green. I decided on this palette since all the pieces are intended to mix and match in an easy cool way. It really reflects my lifestyle since I travel so much – I always pack black and white pieces, since it’s the easiest color combination to match. I also decided to throw in a print to give the collection more dimension and I wanted one piece to really stand out (the print shirt).




MUSE There is something that caught our attention, which is your choice to be photographed by Collier Schorr without make-up. Does this has to do with the women you are addressing to?

AR I worked on the artistic direction of the campaign together with the Iro team and also invited Julien Gallico to work with us on the idea. Julien is the Art Director of 25 and also worked with me on the campaign and bottle design of my perfume, Original. My aim is for the fragrance to inspire and empower women to rediscover their uniqueness, provoke them to follow their own path and spirit… a reminder of their own individuality. I really wanted to shoot the Iro campaign with Collier Schorr who I think perfectly captures the woman I want to represent. I wanted the images to be very straight forward and easy, not forced. I liked the idea of colored backgrounds in a collage that references a bit of 90s Yohji feel. I wanted to keep it simple – no major hair or makeup, very natural…. all about me and the clothes.

MUSE From “Just a regular day” with Erwin Wurm to your talk at Istanbul Arts and Culture Festival, your Instagram @Anja_Rubik tells a lot about your daily life and routine. Do you take care of it personally? What do you think about sharing so much about your personal life?

AR Yes I run my own Instagram. I enjoy posting and sharing my travels and experiences with my followers.

My account is a mix of many things… my inspirations, my work, my friends and travels. I don’t share everything… you have to keep the right balance between being private and exposing too much. There are a lot of real moments that I’ve captured. I went sky diving for the first time a few months ago in NY and posted a video of the free fall. It was wild!

MUSE From one of your latest Instagram caption “New year… New choices” it seems that a lot is yet to come. What are your upcoming projects?

AR I created my own perfume Original, as I wanted to create something really impactful and a fragrance for the modern woman. Original is a fragrance that represents me, my aesthetics, my vision. Bold yet delicate, it’s more than a perfume; it’s a mood, a state of mind. I will be launching the perfume in new regions of the world, so I’m really excited about that. I’ve also joined the Board of Advisors at The Brooklyn Museum. I’m thrilled to be working with them on exciting upcoming projects. I never want to stop learning so I’ll continue to dive into new domains and be open to new experiences since I love to collaborate with talented creatives. It doesn’t feel like work since I have such passion for the projects I choose. Stay tuned.

MUSE This is so on point! Thank you so much Anja, we will definitely keep up with your next dive!