Into her sailor blueCoco Capitán

The artist and her new shoes project in collaboration
with Camper: The Lost Sailor Shoes.



EA How was your experience with the Camper Lost Sailor Shoes? Matching different materials and colors, thinking about ideal customer, blending practicality and design…How was it?
CC I was very excited to collaborate with Camper, a Spanish company which has the headquarter located in Majorca where I spent a lot of time in my past. I started to think what I wanted to do and what I wanted to express with these pair of shoes. I mixed a lot of common elements like Majorca and sailing, the Balearic Islands, the materials. They gave me a lot of freedom for this project, I worked on a lot of prototypes and models but everything was clear for me and I knew that the colours would have been black and blue, two colors that represent me. It was a challenge for me, I’ve never designed a pair of shoes before. I was walking in New York with my friend last week and someone from his bike said like: ‘Where are your shoes from?’, it was a very exciting moment!

EA Recycling worth being mentioned when talking about these shoes. They’re designed using recycled sails from a boat…right?
CC Yes, not only recycling, but recycling things with a meaning in order to incorporate this concept into final product. When you wear Lost Sailor Shoes, I think that you’re wearing a little bit of a sail.

EA Coco Capitán, obviously, is a words-lover. Which aphorisms did you create for this pair of shoes?
CC We’ve created several pair of words because each shoe has like a word on the back and on this particular model there’s “Lost Sailor” , the official name. I like the idea of this sailor who’s looking for a port on the sea…it’s a bit romantic!

EA Your recent Instagram post “Lost sailor could find herself but she continuous to choose to be lost” really got me curious. Why does she continue choosing to be lost?
CC Maybe it’s a sort of reflection of myself…The sailor is floating in the sea, looking for a land to arrive to. I like this idea of instability.
The quote is a reference to my life, myself…and not wanting to find the place where I belong to. I grew up among a lot of cities. I would say I don’t belong to any of them, but at the same time it’s like belong to all of them. This is for me the main concept behind the “Lost Sailor”.

EA Where will you be sailing next? Would love to know more about your upcoming projects…
CC Oh, yes, the future is quite…busy! I’ve got a lot of projects now, one exhibition at Moca Museum in Shanghai in May and there’s a current exhibition at MEP in Paris now…and there will be also the launch of my book at the end of this month. Meanwhile, I’m working on a couple of new series…very busy!


  Interview by Elisa Ambrosetti