InterconnectionsFondation Louis Vuitton

Questioning what is man’s place
in the Universe.

  Fondation Louis Vuitton exhibits different selections of works following the Collection’s four distinct predetermined categories: Contemplative, Expressionist, Pop, Music & Sound or groups of works from specific events dedicated to China and Africa.

More than a simple hanging of works, In Tune with the World is intended to be an exhibition based on a specific theme. This reflects today’s questions about man’s place in the universe and the bonds that tie him to his surrounding environment and living world, highlighting the interconnections between humans, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects.

The itinerary is structured around three complementary themes: Irradiances; Là, infiniment… [Here, infinitely…] and L’Homme qui chavire [The man who capsizes]. Irradiances refers to the light beam of Dan Flavin and brings together works in a variety of media: paintings, sculptures, videos, installations.  Là, infiniment… is linked to the iconic works from the history of art, reflecting on man’s domination throughout history as well as on his potential demise. L’Homme qui chavire is inspired by the body in all its forms, from the most tangible to the most imaginary.