Inside UtopiaRadical. Visionary. Poetic

The future of living that architects
and designers have envisioned


“The conception of our living space changed radically during the last century. From art nouveau to rational modernism, the interior became a progressive tool reflecting our modern society. “

Gestalten takes you to a journey through some of the most amazing home interiors and architectures. The unique images and the personal approach of this new volume invites your mind to wander. Spectacular and reflective, unpretentious and efficient. Inside Utopia. Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes, delves into the rhyme and reason behind past designs that we still interact with today. Elrod House by John Lautner; the Lagerfeld Apartment near Cannes, the architects, the owners, and the craftsmen like Gio Ponti or Bruce Goff, utopian and idealistic, they have shaped our current living concepts, and even now, they inspire us anew.