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    right: jacket Coach 1941
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India Menuez

An Island in the Moon

Photography Michael Bailey-Gates
Interview Maddalena Iodice


“I guess the vision I subscribe to is a total intersectional justice, which takes both collective psychic shifting as well as a shift of our societies entire structure.”

India Salvor Menuez has a way of captivating audiences with her creative freedom and ability to experiment in the realms of art, fashion and cinema. Her acting career began by chance and led her to cast in various productions, from White Girl, Elizabeth Wood’s directorial debut presented at Sundance Film Festival to Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, the winner of the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. Long red hair frames this beauty’s Botticelli style face. None better than India represent the new generation of emerging artists who are not afraid of freely expressing themselves. I interviewed India a couple of days after her friend Michael Bailey-Gates shot her for MUSE close to his studio in the New York’s hectic Chinatown. This is the neighborhood where she grew up learning pretty early how to make art happen long before galleries appeared on every block…
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