INCLUSIVE FREEDOMEquality and self-expression.

For Gucci Cruise 2020 Alessandro Michele’s
vision is louder than ever.

Only pagan antiquity awakened my desire, because it was the world of before, because it was an abolished world.” — Paul Veyne’s ‘Et dans l’éternité je ne m’ennuierai pas’ © Editions Albin Michel 2014

These are the words that introduced us to the Gucci Cruise 20 fashion show when among the wooden shelves stacked with rare books and objets d’art of Antica Libreria Cascinelli in Rome, we received an invitation package containing an antique book. It was the first clue of a much more complex and deep maze, asking us to awake and be both public and archeologists of what we would have later seen.
Unfolding in the dark of Rome’s Capitoline Museums it was through the light of our flashes that we found the way to a immersive journey in time traveling back to the fascinating Ancient Rome and fast-forward to the 70s to land in modern era.
A parade of diverse humans, a parade of bodies deeply connected to the dresses they wore became spokesperson of a powerful message that this time Alessandro Michele pronounced louder than ever.

Freedom, equality and self-expression. Creative Director spreads his vision through a sequences of masterpieces rich in symbols and meanings. A soft white pleated dress embroidered with a uterus blooming with flowers reminds us women and men should be equal, that women should have freedom of choice, freedom to choose for themselves even if this involves to interrupt a pregnancy.
Gucci’s dialogue continues with a vocabulary of intricate drapings, embroideries, featherlight, pleated chiffon and iconic jewels featuring the face of Roman semi-god Hercules, symbol of strength and heroism. And if global icons such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie popped up all along the narration as echoes of a modern and intricate era, meaningful slogans like My Body My Choice and 22.5.78 brought us back to the 70’s, a key period in women sexual liberation and rights affirmation; and another of the themes at the core of Alessandro Michele vision. No more words are needed. Let the flag of freedom wave.

Written by Maddalena Iodice