IMITATIO VITAEVenice's Stone Tales

Passionate about antiquities, Alessandro Michele lent his artistic direction
to a special art book by film producer and photographer Marina Cicogna.


The focus is on stone tales of Marina Cicogna, a film producer, screenwriter and photographer. Alessandro Michele‘s passion for the antique is expressed in a new publishing project, Imitatio Vitae, dedicated to the ancient Marcian capitals of Palazzo Ducale in Venice. Marina Cicogna picked from Cameraphoto’s Arte archive several shots that she developed herself which tell, like a film sequence, of the different aspects of fourteenth-century everyday life, including field crops and craft practices, fruit and animal baskets, angels and love scenes, marital relationship and families, cosmology and astrology. An “ancient and venerated” Venice, immortalised over the centuries and a strong expression of Italian Gothic, interpreted by the artist through a series of texts, shared with international personalities of cinema, culture, art and contemporary style which, according to her, have sensibly contributed to the creation of Beauty.