If the ocean die, we die

Cyrill Gutsch, Doug Aitken

Photography Fabio Crovi
Interview Fabio Crovi


“When you think about how big the ocean is and how little we know it is like talking about outer space…”

I have always thought of Los Angeles as a place where to escape from New York’s cold December weather. However, when I heard of Parley for the Oceans, I decided to jump on a flight and meet founder Cyrill Gutsch and artist Doug Aitken to learn more about this fascinating project…
FC Where does Parley for the Oceans come from? How your vision became what Parley is today?
CG When I started Parley in 2012, the forecast was that by the year 2048 the oceans will die. Turns out, this was too optimistic.
We actually have 10 years to invent our way out of this mess. We need to work together. And we need to make sure that we are fast enough to out-pace the speed of destruction. The creative industries are the only group that can make that happen. They set the trends. They create reality. They can invent the future. I founded Parley to be the glue between seemingly disparate parties—the space and collaboration network to exchange ideas and inspiration. In just a few years it has grown into a global movement with an international network of collaborators.
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