Close to ParadiseIbiza seen by LOEWE

12 iconic places and 16 prominent personalities
that have left an incredible mark on the island


“[…] For me, this image of a free-spirited woman sipping a drink while wearing a white Balearic dress, who is willing to take off her clothes and be free and happy with the way she looks, this has always been a familiar character for me. She’s humourous. She’s free. And ultimately, she’s happy.” – Jonathan Anderson

Forever a source of adulation, Ibiza’s past has been romanticised ad infinitum. Yet, rhapsodies about any golden age ignore the interconnected essence of time. With this in mind, LOEWE has compiled a sequence of iconic places and personalities that left an indelible mark on the island and have endured with tenacity ever since. Using the watershed years of the 1960s as a starting point, each snapshot is an invitation to rediscover Ibiza’s perennial energy – an intangible force that transcends past, present, and future”

Excerpt From: LOEWE. “Ibiza: Close to Paradise.” iBooks.