• Flavio Lucchini, Totem photographed by Oliviero Toscani
  • On left: Flavio Lucchini, Milano 1967
    On right: Flavio Lucchini photographed by Gian Paolo Tomasi
  • Gianni Versace and Flavio Lucchini
  • On left: Flavio Lucchini, Toys
    On right: Flavio Lucchini, Last Louis Vuitton


Flavio Lucchini's 90 years

His journey through fashion as creator
of the most important
magazines, art director, editor and artist.

At MyOwnGallery (Superstudio’s Gallery) has inaugurated “I START OVER AT 90” an exhibition with 90 art works by Flavio Lucchini, simultaneously another exhibition with the GHOST installations, are exposed in the garden of the Triennale di Milan.

“Flavio Lucchini is a versatile figure, inclined to move among different subjects with the capacity to combine talent scouting qualities and great editorial abilities, ranging, in his career, from the creation of some of the most innovative Italian fashion magazines to the establishment of Superstudio in Milan, location of exchange and intersections of contemporary languages. It is thus well deserved the recognition that Triennale of Milan – whose mission is highlighting the highest expressions of the world of design and creativity – today gives to a protagonist of Italian and international fashion”.
Stefano Boeri President of Triennale di Milan

A protagonist and an anticipator of the editorial and fashion culture of the 60’s/ 70’s/ 80’s that has over the last thirty years turned into a sophisticated artist.

After studying Architecture in Venice and Fine Arts at Accademia di Brera in Milan, Lucchini since the early age stands out for his the innovative quality and modernity of his graphic work. After moving to Milan, he creates and brings to success the most important and innovative Italian fashion magazines. He discovers new talents in photography, graphics, journalism, launching in his magazines all top designers. In 1983 he founds Superstudio 13, first centre for photography and image, adding in 2000, Superstudio Più , comprehensive hub dedicated to fashion, art, design and communication. In 1990, he leaves his positions to dedicate himself exclusively to art. With a particular mission: removing from fashion the suspect of being ephemeral and making it eternal, exploring and researching through his Dress Art, the mystery of the women dress.


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