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In conversation with Filip Custic

Partnering with Camper, the artists celebrates the brand
Twins concept 30th Anniversary through an exclusive collection.

We did a Q&A with multidisciplinary artist Filip Custic on the occasion of Camper TWINS 30th anniversary. Playing with concepts like gravity and space, Custic showcased a series of surreal images that brilliantly capture the dreamlike mood behind the brand S/S 2018 collection.

MUSE Where does your inspiration comes from?
FC I think I actually get inspired by my life and experiences. The thing is that I have my own perception of the reality as you have yours. So I try to express and materialize my mental scene.
MUSE Who are your muses and how they shape your work?
FC @rosalestales, @imvirgenmaria, @danielablume, @carlotaguerrero…mostly women lately. I see women as goddess I think.
MUSE Tell us about your creative collaboration with Camper and how you have applied your artistic vision to the brand dna.

FC Romain gave me a few indications telling me he is always inspired by the future and for the rest I was completely free to think. I always play with the body used as a temple and I thought doing “human installations” would feel great to that collection.
MUSE What is the importance of the Twins concept?
FC I like from the concept, that it is very playful. It’s like a kids choice.
MUSE On the occasion of MUSE 49, that has just been released, we would love to know what is your “Modern Dream”.
FC I want to create a lens for the eye that allows you to see more color from the electromagnetic spectrum. So I would be able to see more colors.