Hortus SanitatisA Gucci Book
by Derek Ridgers

A series of photos showcasing the label’s pre-fall collection
all shot in historical locations around Rome

  A new Gucci publication is added to the limited edition volume series: Hortus Sanitatis (‘The Health Garden’ in Latin), which takes its name from the first encyclopedia of natural history, published in Mainz, Germany in 1485. Offering pictures of the Gucci Pre Fall 2017 collection captured by photographer Derek Ridgers, the book takes the form of a series of informal shots depicting patterns in the company of animals like cats and snakes. Roman historical environments, which have remained intact for centuries, offer a window on disappeared worlds. Derek Ridgers initially emerged as a photographer on the London Punk scene of the 1970s and became acquainted with his shots dedicated to musicians, clubs, street cultures, and portraits of actors. In Hortus Sanitatis, Ridgers’ images share the same pure energy as his first works that were immortalized by groups such as Siouxsie,The Damned, The Ramones and Adam & The Ants. Distributed by IDEA, the book is available in 1,000 copies, each featured in a red skirt with cross skull and skirt, embellished with gold-plated pages and gold leaf detail details. Hortus Sanitatis will be on sale from Wednesday 5th July and presented at a book signing event that will be held the same night at the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum at 54 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris.