Men and women are shown in intimate and personal moments, without any artifice.


With “HOMEWORK”, a photographic project created in partnership with the photographer Giulia Bersani, we wanted to portray a time of life and a social condition that we have all experienced and that is a part of each of us: life as a student.
We wanted to link this narrative to our online shop’s launch of the sweatshirt with the COMEFORBREAKFAST logo.
The subjects belong to different age groups: elementary school children, middle and high school students and university students.
To get to know them we went to their halls of residence, we met them in their rooms, in shared flats, we talked with them about their schooling, their dreams, their fears, their passions and how they imagine their future.
The young men and women are shown in intimate and personal moments, without any artifice. The pictures transport us immediately into their world, outside the box, far from everyday drudgery.
The approach is honest and playful, the photos underline their words, communicate their identities and give meaning to that fertile disorder that is synonymous with movement and therefore growth.