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The Kennedy’s informal portraits by the
photojournalist and film-maker Mark Shaw.



on left: Jackie swings Caroline in the shallows at Hyannis Port, 1959 © Mark Shaw
on right: Jackie, JFK and Caroline, Hyannis Patio, 1959 © Mark Shaw


Proud Galleries presents Life with the Kennedys: Photographs by Mark Shaw, an exhibition of historic photographs of the Kennedy family by noted LIFE photojournalist and film-maker Mark Shaw. Within this poignant collection, Shaw chronicles the golden years of the Kennedy family as John F. Kennedy progressed from the role of Senator to his early presidency.

The exhibition marks the 55th anniversary of JFK’s harrowing assassination, shining a new light onto America’s most loved First Family before the tragic events that followed. The exhibition includes JFK’s favourite portrait of himself, an introspective image of John wistfully walking into the landscape with his back turned, amongst other depictions of self-reflectivity. These quiet moments are contrasted with loving connections between mother and child, regal portraits of the celebrated couple and a playful image of Jackie leaning out of the family sailing boat clutching Shaw’s camera. The settings of Shaw’s pictures vary from vacation retreats to the White House, but in each photograph the sense of optimism in the American Dream is present. The exhibition will be open until May 6th.