His Carte de VisiteT.J. Wilcox

A panoramic films view which remarkes how the
history is never static.

“My films have considered locations, like the stage-like, theatre in the round, Place Vendôme. For me, this place, with its many layers of stories and ghosts, operates like a physical collage of history and storytelling, its atmosphere dense with drama. I’ve tried to make a film that considers this unusual accumulation as its subject. The films also reimagine historical subjects, like Marie Antoinette or the famous 19th century courtesan La Présidente, attempting to shift their life stories away from the emphasis history’s consensus makers have used to distill these complicated lives into primary narratives that justify the status quo.

I have been considering France, French history, literature and pop culture for decades and making films about these subjects for over 20 years, yet I have never had a one-person exhibition in France. I happily accepted VNH Gallery’s invitation to propose an exhibition to introduce myself to a place I have loved and thought about for a long time from afar. I hope you will accept this work as a very long and annotated carte de visite, which I have wished to deliver for many years.” T. J. Wilcox