Heavenly BodiesThe Met Gala 2018

How the Catholic imagination is supported
by artistic practice and fashion.

  The exhibition Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination at The Met Museum exemplifies the dialogue between fashion and religious: works of art to examine the ongoing commitment of fashion with devotional practices and the traditions of Catholicism. It is in fact shown how the Catholic imagination is rooted and supported by artistic practice and fashion: sacred images, objects and costumes which want to show the continuous relationship between art and religion.

Fashion and religion have long been intertwined, inspired and informed each other giving rise to and creating original and innovative creations. The exhibition will show fifty ecclesiastical masterpieces, papal accessories and also vintage ensembles, mainly female, from the 20th century to the present.

The presentation is placed in the wider context of religious artistic production and analyzes the connection with the historiography of the Christianity material and the contribution to the perceptive construction of the Catholic imagination where fashion and Christianity / Catholicism are unite. The exhibition was made by Christine and Stephen A. Schwarzman and Versace and it will be open until October 8th.