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Hailey Benton Gates

New Frontiers Portrait

Photography by Clément Pascal,
Fashion by Lana Jay Lackey,
Text by Kathleen Hefty


“I think there’s so much in our culture right now, and just in the general climate
 of the world, of making people ‘the other.’ […] There’s no way for us to evolve with that kind of sentiment […]”

“There are not that many people on TV with gap teeth and three-feet-long hair that are doing serious interviews with Hezbollah fighters,” notes Hailey Gates, the host of VICELAND’s States of Undress. Indeed, in many ways Gates is a pioneer of a refreshing hybrid of objective and intimate journalism; with charm and a compassionate interviewing style she leads viewers into the lives of a culturally diverse group of women across the world. The series, which debuted its second season in June after its launch last year, uses fashion as the vehicle to navigate sensitive and provocative issues in places ranging from Mexico, Liberia, Venezuela, Thailand, and more. By looking at their situations through the lens of fashion—what drives sartorial choices in these locations, how standards of beauty vary, the ways religion can shape dress codes—Gates unearths underlying social constructs and those impacts on women in the States and abroad. “I don’t really go to these places to report on the fashion in the sense of trend reportage,” she explains. “I think it’s always about why someone is doing something rather than what they are doing.”


  To read the full interview download MUSE 47 available from September 7th, 2017.