Gucci’s AntidoteA poetical self-affirmation

Gucci SS20 opens to new forms of subjectification
and states fashion ultimate meaning.

I am afraid of getting bored […] I always have to try something new” – Alessandro Michele 

A society that controls, confines and regulates life: That was the prelude to Gucci 89 looks SS20 Collection. A parade of 21 models wearing white, sterile, dystopic uniforms, yet full of significance. Alessandro Michele unmistakable statements are a form of awakening for the audience, an audience that he guides through his deep and visceral reflection on life, individuals and society.
New forms of subjectification. He questions if fashion can offer an instrument of resistance and self-determination or if fashion itself risks to impose a new normativity and turn up into a broken promise. Which explains the first part of the show, that introduced by flashing white lights had the specific mean of delivering a precise and provocative message.

We found ourselves in front of a new Gucci, but continuity was tangible. From Neo-maximalism to a restrain aesthetic direction Alessandro turned to silhouette and the perfection of the lines nodding to the brand 70s heritage, while nodding to an evocative sexiness.
Alessandro was the one posing the question and providing the answer reminding all of us the ultimate role of fashion: a space of everyone to creatively build their own place in the world, a space of poetical self-affirmation where the desire of the self can shine.


Written by Maddalena Iodice