GO-SEESJuergen Teller

Teller’s powerful and intense documentation
of youth and fashion industry

  Alison Jacques Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibition of photographs by German artist Juergen Teller. This exhibition comprises selections from three bodies of work – the artist’s iconic series Go-SeesEnjoy Your Life! Junior, a recent collaboration with Bubenreuth Primary School in the artist’s hometown; and a ‘visual essay’ depicting a modern fairy tale about a boy who became a king. Here shown the powerful images from Go-Sees.
The exhibition title is an industry term for a photographer’s first meeting with a new model, an open-ended encounter between the photographer and model, without the prospect of a definite commission and with portraits which are never retouched. Teller’s snapshot style and spontaneous  unusual angles defer from the polished visual protocols so closely associated with the luxury world, turning into a powerful and intense documentation of youth and fashion industry.