Glitters ain’t GoldJamie Diamond

Kathleen Hefty in conversation with Jamie Diamond,
who presents her exhibition at Osservatorio Fondazione Prada.


Jamie Diamond, From “I Promise to Be a Good Mother”, 2012

Back in 1988, the Guerrilla Girls listed “The Advantages of Being which a Woman Artist”, and included “Having the opportunity to choose between career and motherhood.” Today, more than thirteen years after their collective critique on the limitations for female artists, Brooklyn-based artist Jamie Diamond embraces motherhood as a central theme of her practice and mines her own family history to create photographs and video work that delve into the emotional complexities of family. Her work is at times humorous, uncomfortable, sentimental and heartwarming—kind of like a family.

KH I wanted to start with your upcoming exhibition at Osservatorio. What will you be showing?

JD Surrogate. A Love Ideal is curated by Melissa Harris and will feature my work and the work of Elena Dorfman. [It] explores the notions of familial, romantic and sexual love, more specifically the emotional link between a man or a woman and a synthetic representation of a human. I will be exhibiting two bodies of work for this show, some images from my series, I Promise to Be a Good Mother and some images from Mother Love.

KH How did your collaboration with the Reborners begin and evolve?

JD I have always been interested in the Mother figure, and the performance of inherited social and biological gender roles. This became a theme that ran throughout my practice, and eventually included two bodies of work; I Promise to Be a Good Mother and Mother Love. The first of the two, I Promise to Be a Good Mother, was a self-portrait based series in which I used a doll to stand-in for an imagined child. I assumed the role of subject and photographer and put on the mask of motherhood…

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