George Henry LonglyChoreography of Experience

London, January 12th, 2018
Interview by Attilia Fattori Franchini


Volume Excess at Koppe Astner, Glasgow, installation view, 2015


“I try to explore the ideas I am interested in a working methodology that employs layers of different content that seek to build an overall experience. I would say “I am a pleasure seeker” in that I am always looking for a heightened experience of reality.”

AFF In your work, design objects, art history and fashion strate- gies are directly referenced to create an hybrid visual lan- guage, in balance between a modernist attitude and high end production. I am interested in your creative process, if these references are the starting point or they serve the narratives you want to construct.
GHL I try to nd a model for working in each project I undertake, and I have ongoing interests that I carry with me.
Museology and exhibition design have always been close to my process and have allowed me to develop an understanding of how to curate experiences and explore phenomenology. I am interested in the choreography of experience and how the body interprets complex situations and scenarios. My work comes from an interest in science and nature questioning our place within the world, from the molecular to the social, exploring our speci c moment in time. There are existential questions in everything I do.


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