Friends and HeroesLouis Vuitton menswear FW17

The collection is an ode to the multitude of styles that co-exist and co-mingle in New York City. This is a new attitude and a silhouette of relaxed elegance, and the mood of collaboration inspires a bold new journey for Louis Vuitton. “No New York City men’s conversation is complete without Supreme,” asserts Kim Jones. For this season, archive styles and techniques are revived, mixed with modern shapes and approaches, to create a silhouette for the here-and-now. The shapes seem contemporary but are for most of them part of Louis Vuitton’s 163 year heritage, pulled from the House’s archives. A new inspiration comes from all walks of New York City life: logo-heavy, denim dominated Harlem style, Hip Hop’s outfitter of choice, and the louche seventies decadence of the denizens of Studio 54. These are visual touchstones for a New York state of dress.