Fondation CartierAutophoto

An exhibition dedicated to the links between
photography and the automobile

Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain celebrates the mythical sports cars following up on a proposal introduced by Xavier Barral et Philippe Séclier, the exhibition curators. Since its invention, the automobile modified and morphed our perception of time and space, reshaping the landscape around us, and allowing the discovery of new and unexpected horizons. Dedicated to the links and connections between photography and the automobile, the exhibition Autophoto displays 400 works by 80 historic and contemporary photographers from all over the world exploring our relationship to this object of desire and revealing how the automobile has been an inspiring source for artists becoming a subject and a tool. Capturing the sinuous lines traced by roads, playing with the reflections in a rear-view mirror, or investigating how this object has been fascinating and influencing our vision, they invite viewers to look and immerse into the history of the automobile in a different and unexpected way. Through an ensemble of works organized around major series, the exhibition is interested in the way it has lastingly modified our environment and our daily life, all the while influencing photographers’ practices and aesthetic research.